Stop the War

We are sorry to say that, but since 24 feb 2022 (you know what that day means to all the free world) Broken Event has temporarily suspended all operations. No new software developed, no updates performed, no feedback considered (but still collected). Hope all the operations will return to normal shortly.

Broken Event is just a software developer, we're out of politics, but after half of year of war we can't just rest silent.

Broken Event is meaningfully against the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Hence we are kindly asking you to (or at least to consider):

  • ask your government to cease any operations with Russia
  • cease all your personal (if you have any) operations with Russia or its citizens
  • ask your government to declare Russia as a terrorist state
  • support Ukrainian endeavors against the evil in any way you can: information, money, weapons, hosting the refugees, etc.

Слава Україні!

BrokenWindow has been Released

BrokenWindow - window properties explorer/changer for Windows - has been released.

BrokenURL URL Router is 1.4.0 Now

The BrokenURL URL Router has been updated to 1.4.0.

Important Changes:

  • New Settings window
  • Mailto "browser" in open with list
  • Fixed default browser registration issues
  • Support for browser icon indexes

Complete changelog is available in version history page.

BrokenEvent.ISULR has been Released

BrokenEvent.ISULR - InnoSetup Uninstall Log Reader - has been released.

BrokenMouse is 1.0.1 Now

The BrokenMouse has been updated to 1.0.1.


  • Fixed display name render
  • Fixed duplicate (or same) displays
  • Fixed initial display/active window update
BrokenURL URL Router is 1.3.0 Now

The BrokenURL URL Router has been updated to 1.3.0.

Important Changes:

  • Autoselect System/Dark theme for Windows 10
  • Add custom browser manually
  • Browsers profiles and/or command-line settings
  • Block filters
  • Edit URL before opening
  • Chromium-based Edge support

Complete changelog is available in version history page.

BrokenURL URL Router is 1.2.2 Now

The BrokenURL URL Router is updated to 1.2.2.


  • Browsers detection staiblization (including browsers with broken registration)
  • Settings UI improvements
  • Added themes support
  • Added context menu for browser buttons in main window
  • Fixed opening from Windows Explorer search
The BrokenMouse Mouse Clipper has been released!

BrokenMouse is a mouse cursor clipper for old games and other fullscreen software on multimonitor systems.

Learn more at project page. It is free and will be so forever!

BrokenEvent.IconChanger has been Released!

BrokenEvent.IconChanger - a tool to change/add icons in PE executables from commandline - has been released and available on NuGet.

BrokenEvent.Terminator has been Released!

BrokenEvent.Terminator is a fast and comfortable process killer for user-defined processes.

Obfuscar Mapping Parser is now.

Important changes:

  • Fixed reloading of broken mapping files
  • Fallback for missing typename which should never happen
  • Fixed crash when windows themes become disabled during runtime
Theme Element Explorer has been Released.

Theme Elements Explorer tool to explore Windows theme elements is released.

BrokenURL URL Router is 1.2.1 now.

The BrokenURL URL Router is updated to 1.2.1.


  • New browsers support (private/new window commands):
    • SeaMonkey
    • PaleMoon
    • Basilisk
    • Comodo Ice Dragon
    • Brave
    • NAVER WHale
    • 360 SE
    • Chromium
  • Improved browser detection: parse browser commandline without quotes, like Lunarscape does
  • Improved startup time by caching browser icons
  • Added donate link
Obfuscar Mapping Parser has Minor Update.


  • Copyright year changed
  • Minor UI fixes/improvements
  • Added donation link
BrokenURL URL Router Update to 1.2

The BrokenURL URL Router is updated to 1.2.


  • Added really big shorteners list (200+ domains)
  • Fixed crash on invalid/unparseable url
  • Better shortened URL revealing
  • Better caller process icon extraction (desktop and UWP)
  • Browser detection improvement: remove duplicates for strange browser registration like Waterfox does
  • Added browser settings for: Waterfox, Vivaldi, Opera 12/Presto, MS Edge
  • Open in New Window support
  • Main window UI improvement - show Open in Private/Open in New Window as side buttons instead of separate browser buttons
  • Sort browsers by usage, Manual browsers sorting
  • Updated icon (will look good on any windows scale), Separate icon for URL shortcuts
  • Hold Alt when opening URL to suppress saved choices execution
Obfuscar Mapping Parser Update

The Obfuscar Mapping Parser is updated to


  • Support of ref args (int&), ptr args (int*) and their combination
  • ref simplification (ref int a instead of int a&)
  • Better PDB reader
  • Fixed crash in search
  • Mapping loading optimization
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Fixed main window's icon. Will look good even if taskbar is in large icons mode
  • Tree render optimization
BrokenURL URL Router Update

The BrokenURL URL Router is updated to 1.1.1.


  • Browser detection stabilization
  • Keyboard works in main window
  • Added 'Show Caller' setting
Obfuscar Mapping Parser Update

The Obfuscar Mapping Parser is updated to


  • Fixed crash in settings when no file is opened
  • Fixed (possible) crash with "open in tree" option in stacktrace analyzer
BrokenURL URL Router Update

The BrokenURL URL Router is updated to `1.1`.


  • Added Microsoft shortener
  • Better support for menu and icon
  • HiDPI support
  • Themed main window render
  • "Copy original URL" menu command
  • Fixed opening from fullscreen 3D applications
  • Fixed showing subforms in taskbar
BrokenURL URL Router Update

The BrokenURL URL Router is updated to 1.0.1.


  • Fixed crash when calling process file is deleted too fast
  • Browser detection stabilization
  • Fixed view when shortener covers loooong url
Obfuscar Mapping Parser Update

The Obfuscar Mapping Parser is updated to


  • Copyright year update
  • Open in Visual Studio 2017 support
  • Windows TaskDialogs instead of messageboxes
  • Much UI improvement
  • Hotkey settings
  • Variable Double-click action
  • Problem reporting, update checking
BrokenEvent.VisualStudioOpener is Released on GitHub.

BrokenEvent.VisualStudioOpener is library to provide "Open file in Visual Studio" functionalty.


  • Visual Studio installations detection.
  • OpenFile(string filename, int lineNumber) for any Visual Studio.
  • All versions from VS 2003 to 2017 are supported.
  • Parallel VS2017 installations are supported.
  • VS instance reusing.
  • All COM-related black magic (errors, instance waiting, etc.) is handled.
  • Notepad as fallback, if no VS found.
The BrokenURL URL Router has been Released

The BrokenURL is a browser selector for all the opened URL in system. It allows to choose what to do with any external hyperlink opened.

It is free and forever be so.

Site User Experience Update

The just has been updated for better user experience.

This update contains the mobile device support and much much more.

AntiFreeze.NET Price is Lowered

AntiFreeze.NET activation price is lowered to $16.95. Hurry to activate it if you were pushed away by the previous price.

AntiFreeze.NET is 3.1 Now!

Changes in version

  • Delayed console creation for Tracert, UPnP Table and UPnP Discovery (no more empty console while thread initializes)
  • Save targets of the threads ran from context actions menu to recents
  • GeoIP database update
  • Allowed to update the trial version
  • Thread categories reorder
  • Color control for all UI icons
  • Better tray notification handling: added events time, merge similar messages
  • Graphs render optimization
  • "Refresh IP" action in Ping Monitor
  • Statistics viewer optimization, improvement and fixes
  • Icon now supportes Metro Tiles (Win8/Win10)
  • Show current controlling tray thread in tray hint
  • Added Http Monitor Thread
  • Added sent/received traffic balance bar to Traffic Monitor panel
  • Divided IP Scanner into two threads: classic Ping-based scanner and the DNS-based LAN scanner
  • Better WhoIs DNS output
  • IDN (International Domain Names) support
  • Ping Monitor graph now shows fail duration even when failed in far past
  • "Row for reminder" setting for Ping Thread
  • Main window/tray optimization/fixes
  • Updated SQLite engine to
  • Write target IP in Ping Monitor console even on errors
  • Better error/status translation for Ping Monitor and others
  • Action to show thread graphs (Ping, Traffic and HTTP Monitors) in external fullscreen window
  • Approximation lines in graphs
  • ASC/DESC sorting in tables
  • Fixed IPScanner ranges
  • Fixed DNS update and its logging on startup
  • Fixed and improved the Color Selector in Preferences
  • Fixed Traffic Monitor interfaces list when all selected interfaces disabled
  • Fixed Traffic Monitor interfaces enabled/disabled update
  • Fixed logarithmic scale in ping graph
  • Fixed "thread preset settings not saved when app exited on system shutdown"
  • Fixed grid labels for values exceeding 4G
  • Fixed TTL Fingerprint for Win10
  • Fixed crash on "show logs from thread" in global log
  • Massive UI improvement
Obfuscar Mapping Parser Minor Update

The Obfuscar Mapping Parser is updated to


  • Reflect latest Shared changes
  • Better Mapping file opening exception handling
  • Minor UI tunning
  • Copyright year update

GitHub sources are also updated.

Obfuscar Mapping Parser Minor Update

The Obfuscar Mapping Parser is updated to


  • Reflect latest Shared changes
  • New UI (Segoe UI as the common font, color headers)
  • Drag-n-drop text and files from the Explorer in Stacktrace and Stacktrace Source windows
  • Title style in menu and window headers
  • Copyrights updated
  • Fixed some strange NPE
  • Using controlHighlight to highlight errors in Search dialog and in Stacktrace Source dialog
  • Store recent stacktrace sources
  • Better about (more links)
  • Opening in VS2015 support
  • Nullable simplification (to ?)
  • Personal "open in editor" settings for projects
  • Fixed tooltip output when Unicode processing is on
  • Deal with localization of the "at ..." prefixes in stacktrace lines

GitHub sources are also updated.

Nanoupdate for AntiFreeze.NET is Released

The only change in version is removal of the annoying VS2010 Redistributable dependency.

AntiFreeze.NET is updated to 3.0.5 now!

Changes in version

  • Removed multiselect from settings
  • Fixed "Thread sounds works when global sounds disabled"
  • Added TTL-based OS detection to IPScanner
  • Added time estimate for PortChecker, fail when estimated time exceeds 5 minutes
  • Added reverse DNS request to HostInfo
  • Split address and port into different columns in Connection Watcher table
  • Header freezing and column sorting for tables
  • Autoconverting URLS ( to domain names ( in configuration forms
  • Resize become more funny
  • Thread restart button and menu commands
  • Repainted scrollbar slider
  • Try to get DNS server on every request when no DNS servers
  • Updated GeoIP database
  • Check VC10Redist before start
  • Add exceptions for 8080 port to the windows firewall (installer fix)
  • Highlight controls on input errors instead of using buggy tooltips
  • Added presets button to Add Thread Panel
  • Remade Add Thread Panel
  • Added filter for localhost connections in connection watcher
  • Better thread icons
  • Added delay when showing tooltips for static controls
Nanotests JUnit Extension First Version is Released

Some internal part of our code called com.brokenevent.nanotests gone opensource on the GitHub. This is a set of useful JUnit extensions for HTTP/DB unit testing.

Another Part of Our Code Gone Opensource

.NET Tortoise SVN Wrapper is released with MIT license. This little convenience is used to call Tortoise SVN UI from your code.

AntiFreeze.NET is Updated to 3.0.4 Now!

Changes in version

  • Now Shift+click on recent thread or preset will start thread with configs window
  • Don`t add startup threads to recents
  • Removed useless settings: Actions menu limit, Detailed Logs, Log limits and some more
  • Preferences window various fixes and changes
  • Suppress "updates available" message when update window is running
  • Installer fixes: warn if already installed, close when uninstalling while running, removing "changes.log" when uninstalling
  • Multimonitor support
  • Updated ping sounds
  • Allowed to override data xml (knownports, etc) when placing them in AntiFreeze.NET folder in user profile
  • Fixed context menu for Context Menu key - now shows main menu OR thread menu
  • Switched statistics in traffic monitor graph (as everywhere else: received at left and sent at right)
  • Better Presets list window
  • Better Get Best Route window
  • Better Update window
  • Fix crash at exit when thread with tray animation is focused
  • Fixed crash when SQLite database is broken
  • Fixed Check for updates when no connection
  • New hint system - no stupid tooltips and separate tooltips where they worth to be
  • DNSResolver now handles multiple DNS addresses (primary/alternative) of all network interfaces
  • Added "Terminating" and "Failed" overlays over thread graphs is they are so
  • Restricted using on Trace Route, Ping and Port check
  • Removed Data and Don`t fragment settings from Ping Monitor
  • Disabled Startup tab for runtime Ping Monitor configuration (except the threads from presets)
  • Using Title-style for all windows and thread names, menus, actions and other
  • Text View window improvements and fixes
  • Crash Reporter improvements: ui and sending progress
  • Fixed TrayIcon hint and CustomHint crash on Windows Theme switch
  • Added Uptime label to about
  • Added "Report a Problem" window for custom user feedback
  • Fixed crash when click on Thread Complete tray notification for global console thread
  • Fixed empty context menu in some case
  • Fixed locale-specific bugs in MSOffice statistics exporter
  • Fixed crash in HTML statistics exporter
  • Now traffic monitor ran from recents or preset when all its interfaces are already counted will fail immediately instead of starting empty
  • Fixed realtime graph lines width change applying
  • Highlight failed, stopped/paused entities in header
  • Fixed resizing and moving window various bugs
  • Some Statistics View optimization (also switched to Native SQLite implementation)
  • Set app icon for all tray notifications of thread actions
  • Fixed tray icon color when tray icon animation is disabled
  • Massive Statistics windows UI fixes
  • Massive Thread configuration windows UI fixes
  • Massive thread logging (under different circumstances) fixes
  • Various fixes in Global Console
  • Added notification messages grouping to Traffic Monitor and Connection Watcher
  • Added "click apply" infolabel to settings (Colors, Fonts)
  • Fixed rereading hosts file on change
  • External IP Thread now able to detect NATs
  • Added more notification settings for ping thread
  • Clip graph panels to workaround GDI+ lines antialiasing strange behavior
  • Various graph renderer fixes
  • Failed and terminated threads cannot have actions and pause/resume buttons
  • Repaint paused thread`s panels on quick settings changed
  • More detailed DNS results
  • Added fail time measurement hint for Ping Monitor
  • Fixed Add Thread panel scroll to 0 when expanding category
  • IP Scanner now shows progress in tray hint
  • Trace Route now able to check MTU values of intermediate hosts
  • Fixed visualization and hittest for Header buttons
  • Added port checker to context menu for IP addresses
Project Tracking Trello Board was Published

Now you can watch our plans for projects and future releases in Trello board.

AntiFreeze.NET Nanoupdate

AntiFreeze.NET hotfix is released.


  • Fixed trayIcon crash when no taskbar (Explorer is closed)
  • Fixed trayIcon recreation when taskbar recreated
  • Fixed initial header button hover
  • Fixed multithreaded crash on closing form with active threads
Obfuscar Mapping Parser Minor Update

The Obfuscar Mapping Parser is updated to


  • Start with launcher even there are no files.
  • Using Windows themes in tree view.
  • Mapping and pdb changes detecting and reloading.
  • Search for original name.
  • Fixed "dropped" name.
  • Added autocomplete for all searches.
  • Added commandline processing.
AntiFreeze.NET is Updated to Now!

Changes in

  • Various traceroute message fixes
  • Remove UAC warning on update when no UAC enabled
  • Better "no update found" message
  • Allowed IP scanner to retrieve MAC addresses from found hosts
  • Fixed DNS threads 'useHosts' parameter saving
  • Reread hosts file when changed
  • Now click on tray notification focuses on caller thread
  • Fixed errors when running from the network share
  • Used own TrayIcon implementation with Vista+ features
  • Added custom icons for all known tray notification events
  • Thread icons update
  • Fixed saving settings on system shutdown
  • Fixed fail of running AntiFreeze.Updater when UAC forbids admin access
  • Fixed Win+Up for main window
  • Fixed strange ZeroDivide crash in statistics forms
  • Fixed main window off-screen position
  • Standardized forms: no X button and disable minimize/maximize functionality
  • Added GetBestRoute action to Routing table
  • RouteTableThread now can add and remove routes
  • Context menu improvement for tables
  • Update DNS settings when networks availability changes
  • Safer configs loading for preset threads
  • knownports.xml extended by Wikipedia, added protocol
  • Table render optimization
  • Added Connection Watcher thread to watch opened sockets
  • Updated GeoIP database
  • Fixed z-order in screenshots
  • Added DNS retry control for Ping Monitor
  • Fixed header hittest crash in weird case
  • Fixed disappearance of network interfaces from traffic monitor thread when they're disabled
  • Added Vista networking to NetworkInfoThread
  • Some memory optimization (using for created forms)
  • Minor fixes
Obfuscar Mapping Parser Minor Update

The Obfuscar Mapping Parser is updated to


  • Restricted duplicate files in Launcher form
  • Shortens paths in Launcher form
  • Fixed 'space before ( in method breaks the parser'
  • Close all stacktrace processors when opening file
  • Don't add long old names for entities weren't renamed
  • Fixed Unicode processing
  • Allow to use : as class-method delimiter in stacktraces
  • Show u%code% instead of unicode symbols
  • Simplify system types (System.Int32 -> int and others)
Another Part of Code Goes Opensource

New implementation of the Tray icon for WinForms with WinVista/Win7 new features support was developed and accessible in a public domain (MIT license).

Minor Update of Obfuscar Mapping Parser

Obfuscar Mapping Parser is updated to Github sourcecode is also updated to this revision.


  • Better exception handling. Will not crash on loading and parsing errors, just show error message
  • Improved drag-and-drop for main window, now can handle multiple selection of .xml and .pdb files
  • Locked possibility of loading .pdb twice
  • Support of parsing constructors (ctor or .ctor) in stacktraces
  • Param substitution
  • Added drag-and-drop to launcher
  • Fixed loading of compiler-generated names with <>
  • Added PDB Manager
AntiFreeze.NET is Updated to Now.

Changes in

  • Fixed hint for UPnPMappingTable
  • Keyboard controls for switching tabs and for add thread panel
  • Added geolocation data to HostInfo and GetExternalIP threads
  • Ping started from preset now restarts DNS request in 5 seconds on fail instead of failing immediately
  • Added list of listening to Traffic Monitor title
  • Added action to clear counters to Traffic Monitor
  • Fixed change of listening interfaces at Traffic Monitor run time
  • UPnP Remove mapping thread. Can be started by actions of UPnPMappingTable
  • Fixed crash when running forbidden by Windows UAC applications
  • Added DNS server and 'hosts' file configuration for DNSLookup and DNSLookupIP threads
  • Better max/avg/min values render on graph (added semitransparent background)
  • Hyperlink context type and items in highlight menu
  • Improved HostInfo parsing for http:// links
  • Added hint to "Recent threads" in add thread tab
  • Added "Fast" mode to IP scanner
  • Optimized NetworkInfoThread output
Obfuscar Mapping Parser is on Github Now!

The Obfuscar Mapping Parser is mirrored to Github as opensource.

Obfuscar Mapping Parser has been Released

Obfuscar Mapping Parser allows to parse Obfuscar Mapping.xml files and deobfuscate stacktraces from obfuscated applications.

AntiFreeze.NET Update Complete!

The new version is already available for download.

Full changelog:

  • Added 'Menu' button to main window
  • Threads now will scroll Global console to end
  • Various fixes in Statistics
  • Recent threads menu fix (now opens immediately, not after second click)
  • Added 'Run' submenu to run new threads with the same target as current
  • Minor UI tunning and fixes
AntiFreeze.NET has been Released!

The first version of AntiFreee.NET is released and published.

You can learn about it at the project page. Download it right now!

Site Launched

The site has been launched in production mode.