Terminator 511 Installs

BrokenEvent.Terminator is a tool to kill selected processes immediately in a single mouse click. Even today some of applications are unstable and have to be closed and/or restarted from time to time. BrokenEvent.Terminator is made to make it fast and comfortable.

You can define the applications which you occasionally want to be closed and if time has come - call BrokenEvent.Terimator to do it in a single mouse click.

Goal Features

  • Tracking of user-defined applications.
  • List of active user-defined applications without need to call Task Manager and find them.
  • Kill process or similar processes in single mouse click.
  • Show resource usage of processes to determine which one should be closed.

How to Use

  1. Start the application and select the processes you want to kill from time to time.
  2. When the time has come - start the application again. It will show list of processes that you've defined in step one.
  3. Kill any of them with a single mouse click. Or cancel the operation by unfocusing the app.


Resource monitors will help you to distinguish which process needs to be killed.

You can always add or remove any processes to watch list.

Installer provides shortcut on Desktop for quick access. With this shortcut you can also call the app with Ctrl+Alt+T hotkey from everywhere.