Mapping file instructions - Obfuscar Mapping Parser

Creating mapping file

To get this work, made here:

  1. Create your application.
  2. Create Obfuscar configuration file. This step is described here.
  3. Enable XML mapping by adding <Var name="XmlMapping" value="true" /> to Obfuscar configuration file. This is important. Txt mapping files are not supported.
  4. Run Obfuscar to create Mapping.xml file

Deobfuscating the stacktrace

Now, when you've got a stacktrace for obfuscated program you can simply decipher it back:

  1. Open mapping.xml file in Obfuscar Mapping Parser
  2. Click "Stacktrace" button
  3. Place the stacktrace in Stacktrace processor window and click "Process"

Stacktrace processor

Now stacktrace of some one-character name (or even korean characters) will appear in a much more readable form:

Stacktrace processing result

PDB files

Microsoft Visual Studio stores method name to file mapping in PDB files.

Attaching this file to the Obfuscar Mapping Parser will allow you to open any method from the items tree in code editor. Currently supported (will be autodetected) editors are:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Notepad (as fallback)