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Stop the War

We are sorry to say that, but since 24 feb 2022 (you know what that day means to all the free world) Broken Event has temporarily suspended all operations. No new software developed, no updates performed, no feedback considered (but still collected). Hope all the operations will return to normal shortly.

Broken Event is just a software developer, we're out of politics, but after half of year of war we can't just rest silent.

Broken Event is meaningfully against the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Hence we are kindly asking you to (or at least to consider):

  • ask your government to cease any operations with Russia
  • cease all your personal (if you have any) operations with Russia or its citizens
  • ask your government to declare Russia as a terrorist state
  • support Ukrainian endeavors against the evil in any way you can: information, money, weapons, hosting the refugees, etc.

Слава Україні!

BrokenWindow has been Released

BrokenWindow - window properties explorer/changer for Windows - has been released.

BrokenURL URL Router is 1.4.0 Now

The BrokenURL URL Router has been updated to 1.4.0.

Important Changes:

  • New Settings window
  • Mailto "browser" in open with list
  • Fixed default browser registration issues
  • Support for browser icon indexes

Complete changelog is available in version history page.

BrokenEvent.ISULR has been Released

BrokenEvent.ISULR - InnoSetup Uninstall Log Reader - has been released.

BrokenMouse is 1.0.1 Now

The BrokenMouse has been updated to 1.0.1.


  • Fixed display name render
  • Fixed duplicate (or same) displays
  • Fixed initial display/active window update
BrokenURL URL Router is 1.3.0 Now

The BrokenURL URL Router has been updated to 1.3.0.

Important Changes:

  • Autoselect System/Dark theme for Windows 10
  • Add custom browser manually
  • Browsers profiles and/or command-line settings
  • Block filters
  • Edit URL before opening
  • Chromium-based Edge support

Complete changelog is available in version history page.

BrokenURL URL Router is 1.2.2 Now

The BrokenURL URL Router is updated to 1.2.2.


  • Browsers detection staiblization (including browsers with broken registration)
  • Settings UI improvements
  • Added themes support
  • Added context menu for browser buttons in main window
  • Fixed opening from Windows Explorer search
The BrokenMouse Mouse Clipper has been released!

BrokenMouse is a mouse cursor clipper for old games and other fullscreen software on multimonitor systems.

Learn more at project page. It is free and will be so forever!

BrokenEvent.IconChanger has been Released!

BrokenEvent.IconChanger - a tool to change/add icons in PE executables from commandline - has been released and available on NuGet.

BrokenEvent.Terminator has been Released!

BrokenEvent.Terminator is a fast and comfortable process killer for user-defined processes.

Obfuscar Mapping Parser is now.

Important changes:

  • Fixed reloading of broken mapping files
  • Fallback for missing typename which should never happen
  • Fixed crash when windows themes become disabled during runtime
Theme Element Explorer has been Released.

Theme Elements Explorer tool to explore Windows theme elements is released.

BrokenURL URL Router is 1.2.1 now.

The BrokenURL URL Router is updated to 1.2.1.


  • New browsers support (private/new window commands):
    • SeaMonkey
    • PaleMoon
    • Basilisk
    • Comodo Ice Dragon
    • Brave
    • NAVER WHale
    • 360 SE
    • Chromium
  • Improved browser detection: parse browser commandline without quotes, like Lunarscape does
  • Improved startup time by caching browser icons
  • Added donate link
Obfuscar Mapping Parser has Minor Update.


  • Copyright year changed
  • Minor UI fixes/improvements
  • Added donation link
BrokenURL URL Router Update to 1.2

The BrokenURL URL Router is updated to 1.2.


  • Added really big shorteners list (200+ domains)
  • Fixed crash on invalid/unparseable url
  • Better shortened URL revealing
  • Better caller process icon extraction (desktop and UWP)
  • Browser detection improvement: remove duplicates for strange browser registration like Waterfox does
  • Added browser settings for: Waterfox, Vivaldi, Opera 12/Presto, MS Edge
  • Open in New Window support
  • Main window UI improvement - show Open in Private/Open in New Window as side buttons instead of separate browser buttons
  • Sort browsers by usage, Manual browsers sorting
  • Updated icon (will look good on any windows scale), Separate icon for URL shortcuts
  • Hold Alt when opening URL to suppress saved choices execution
Obfuscar Mapping Parser Update

The Obfuscar Mapping Parser is updated to


  • Support of ref args (int&), ptr args (int*) and their combination
  • ref simplification (ref int a instead of int a&)
  • Better PDB reader
  • Fixed crash in search
  • Mapping loading optimization
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Fixed main window's icon. Will look good even if taskbar is in large icons mode
  • Tree render optimization